LianaCMS Applications

Site web optimisé pour mobiles

Les sites modernes sont créés avec des systèmes de gestion de contenu adapté pour mobiles - avec un design responsive, un site web s'adapte à tout type d'appareils ou possède une version mobile différente.
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With LianaCMS you can easily create an online paper to serve the reading habits of people who use the internet actively and meet the need of constantly updated information.
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Facebook Pages

LianaCMS enables you to build Facebook pages that are in accordance with your company's corporate image and that are easy to update at the same time with the company's main website.
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Campaign Site

With LianaCMS you can swiftly create different campaign sites with the layout and features that you want. Modular structure makes it possible to build both small and large entities efficiently.
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Landing Site

Landing sites are a great way of boosting digital marketing and measuring the results systematically. With LianaCMS you can realize stylish landing sites to support for example newsletters or search engine advertising.
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Online Annual Reports

With our versatile and scaling platform, annual reports can be published online with the desired layout and, at the same time, with technically working solutions. More and more frequently, the most important publication is taken online.
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